Universal Carts

The carts are constructed of all-welded aluminum (AL) or (SS) stainless steel.Will not rust like wire carts. Recessed shelves hold products more securely.
Carts maneuver easily on four heavy duty polyurethane 5″ casters. Lifetime Warranty Against Rust

UNAL-4, UNAL-6, UNAL-7-32, UNAL-8
Hold all sizes of trays, pans, or lugs up to 18″ x 26″.
Carts allow for easy packing and unpacking.
The UNAL-7-32 (seven shelves), offers double capacity, shelves hold two 10″ or 12″ platters side by side.
Note: The UNAL-8 does not accommodate lugs.

Narrower design makes it perfect for trays and pans.

UNAL-4 Aluminum Universal Cart, 4 Shelves 43in 21in 27in 26lbs
UNAL-5 Aluminum Universal Cart, 5 Shelves 42in 16in 32in 29lbs
UNAL-5-WEG Aluminum Universal Cart, 5 Shelves, Narrow Width 42in 16in 32in 30lbs
UNAL-6 Aluminum Universal Cart, 6 Shelves 67in 21in 27in 29lbs
UNAL-6-2LC Aluminum Universal Cart, 6 Shelves, 2 Locking Casters 67in 21in 27in 29lbs
UNAL-7-32 Aluminum Universal Cart, 7 Shelves 68in 28in 32in 38lbs
UNAL-8 Aluminum Universal Cart, 8 Shelves 67in 21in 27in 33lbs
UNAL-8-WEG Aluminum Universal Cart, 8 Shelves, Narrow Width 67in 16in 32in 36lbs
UNAL-8-WEG-BP Aluminum Universal Cart, 8 Shelves, Narrow Width, Plate Casters 67in 16in 32in 36lbs
UNSS-8 Stainless Steel Universal Cart, 8 Shelves 67in 21in 27in 30lbs
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