The Advantage

Founded in 1946, Win-Holt is a leading manufacturer of Food Service, Food Handling and Material Handling Equipment.

For over 68 years, our broad product line, technical support, inside sales coordinators and multiple manufacturing/distribution facilities make us your global supply chain advantage.

Advanced Manufacturing, Quality & Inventory Management. Win-Holt offers excellent quality and capacity in our highly automated manufacturing facilities. We provide, enhanced 3D modeling design, power coating finish, multiple robotic welders, programmable plasma cutting technology and CNC fabrication capability.

Our inside sales coordinators are thoroughly trained to answer all of your product questions and to respond to processing your orders to your complete satisfaction.

As a multiple-facility company we can quickly and effectively support your needs while lowering your over all costs. Making Win-Holt your strongest link in the Supply Chain.

We Care!

We care for our:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Associates
  • Community