Replacement Parts 

Film Wrapping Machines Replacement Part  

Replacement Parts Models

Model Number Description List Price
 WHSS-CAW Core Adapter, Wing Unit $33 
 WHSS-CAP Core Adapter/Pin Unit $33 
 WHSS-COR Cut-off Rod $118 
 WHSS-EWC Electric Wire $55 
 WHSS-A Film Axle $46 
 WHSS-PFG Film Guide Rod With Plastic Cover $24 
 WHSS-FUS1 Fuse $13 
 WHSS-FHD Fuse Holder $21 
 WHSS-E Heating Element Only $51 
 WHSS-HP8 Hot Plate With Heating Element $182 
 WHSS-HP6 Hot Plate With Heating Element $160 
 WHSS-RS Lighted Rocker Switch $21 
 WHSS-TC6 Teflon Cover $49 
 WHSS-TC8 Teflon Cover $57 
 WHSS-TM Thermostat $55 
 WHSS-TK Thermostat Knob $21